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Business matching

Linqint helps businesses that benefit from working together!

You tell us what goals your company is pursuing, and we will find the right partner for you to achieve them. Together we work out the demands you have of a business partner and systematically compare them with our extensive database. We can connect you in this way with the specific company that meets your needs – the collaboration can begin. Even if the corporate partner cannot be found instantly, we search our international network and thus find the partner.

Linqint is a young and dynamic company whose mission it is to find and link the right companies – both locally and internationally. No matter what kind of ambitions you have with your company, you will quickly reach a point where cooperation and external expertise are tremendously beneficial. Finding the right partner for you is just as important to success as the actual work you put into it. Instead of looking for and contacting companies at random, with Linqint we systematically suggest the best partners for your business and put you in touch directly.

The principle is simple: you describe your ideas and visions to us and we will connect you with the right partner in order to implement them successfully. Whether you run a start-up or represent a larger company, we will find the right partner for you and your very specific concerns.

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