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Market and competition analysis

Linqint analyzes the future market for a brand or a product and helps you make the right decisions!

One of the most common causes for the failure of new products, but also for business start-ups, is a lack of knowledge of the target market and the competitors. If your hoped-for turnover is not achieved, the venture is highly likely to remain unprofitable. With a comprehensive market analysis however, you are well prepared and able to make the right decisions for your company.

At the outset, we work with you to define the market that is relevant to you. Do you have a specific target group? Are you focusing on the German market or abroad? Our focal point at Linqint is on Turkey. Then we determine obvious and possible market trends that will enable you to lay out a plan. After we have identified your market, we will go into more detail about the existing competitive situation. Factors such as other competitors, supply chains or the flexibility of the customer play an important role at this step.

Our market and competition analysis gives you a comprehensive picture of the current market. Thus, you are able to weigh the possible profits with the expected risks and design an exact strategy. Extensive market knowledge can also help you immensely in your search for investors.

Markt- und Wettbewerbsanalyse