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Business Expansion

Linqint helps you launch your product abroad!

If your product is already selling successfully in your own market, exporting it to foreign markets can be a profitable venture. With an effective expansion, you can not only increase your sales significantly, but you also diversify your profile and can better prepare yourself for possible market fluctuations, changes in the law, and much more.

Despite the significant opportunities offered by corporate expansion, many companies are reluctant to venture into new markets. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, they say. And indeed: if you lack local market insight, possible partners, language skills, but also information about legal regulations and the necessary certificates, international exports can appear to be an apparently insurmountable hurdle.

Linqint will help you. Together we will analyze your target market, inform you about applicable legal regulations and develop the right strategy. Ideally, we will also connect you with a local partner who can support you in entering the new market. While we can advise and support you for the export to any country, our focus lies in Turkey. Thanks to our extensive network and local knowledge, we are well connected in Turkey and can provide you with ideal support with regard to legislation and the market situation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the smoothest expansion of your company into a new market. We will find the ideal strategy for your needs.